Tamil Nadu police use UAV in investigation

Tamil Nadu police use UAV in investigation

As the murder mystery of the 23-year-old TCS employee got more murkier, the Tamil Nadu police on Tuesday became the first force in the country to use an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), to investigate and solve the case.

According to a report, the CB-CID conducted sorties with the UAV over the crime spot, where the software engineer, Uma Maheshwari was found dead in Siruseri along the city’s IT Corridor. On February 13, Maheshwari went missing from her office in myterious circumstances. Her body was found on February 22 and her mobile phone was missing.

Two different drones for the surveillance were used to search for clues- a 1.5 kg UAV was used on Sunday and a larger, 10kg UAV was used on Monday. An MIT student said, “We took a couple of drones with us. The police officers instructed to fly the drones over a 1sqkm area around the crime scene.” “We gave police around 6 hours of footage of the area. The investigators will be able to zoom in and identify evidence left by the assailants. We hope it will help them crack the case,” another member of the MIT team said.

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