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The DHAKSHA’s DH-VTHT offers an innovative and logistically simple solution to the problem of vertical Take-Off and Landing.

It combines the vertical Take-Off and Landing capabilities of a quad rotor and the efficiency, speed and range of a normal fixed-wing aircraft

No approach abstacle issue,

No runway required and no launch *recovery infrastructure required.

By eliminating launch and recovery equipment, there are significantly fewer items to transport and ship to the site.


  • Wing Span                           – 3.1m

  • Length                                  – 1.8m

  • Propulsion                          – Electric

  • Empty Weight                   – 9.2 kg

  • Take Off Weight                – 15 kg

  • Endurance                          – 4+ hrs

  • Cruise Speed                      – 110 km/h

  • Maximum Speed              – 150 km/h