DH-Q4 Bg-com
DGCA-Type Certificate Approved Drone


DH-Q4 having full HD/RGB camera for high precision aerial monitoring / mapping survey operations. Encrypted digital link for secure communication. Unique Capability of flying in semi-autonomous and full-autonomous mode.

DH-Q4 Specifications

  • Maximum weight - 4.5 Kg
  • Maximum Speed (in m/s) - 15 m/s
  • Endurance - 40 minutes
  • Maximum Range - 2 Km
  • Controller - GCS System
  • Combo Thermal & RGB
  • Backup - Fail safe landing system

DH-Q4 Type Certificate

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Flash News

AgriGator (DH-AG-H1) is now Type Certified by DGCA – Dhaksha’s 12 Litre Spray Tank, Petrol Engine Agri Spraying Drone

DH-Q4 is now Type Certified by DGCA – DH-Q4 has full HD/RGB camera for high-precision aerial monitoring/mapping survey operations