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Our autonomous DH-MAPPER can efficiently replace Gasoline aircraft that tend to be noisy and polluting. Not only are they zero-emission vehicles, but they weigh so less that they represent a far lower risk to the population in case of failure. In fact, we wanted them to be so lightweight that we had to take inspiration from biological systems to discover efficient ways of designing and controlling them. On top of that, our R&D team is according a large part of their effort to implement fail-safe behaviors in order to cope with in-flight failing components.

DH-MAPPER is so lightweight that you can launch it by hand and let it land on almost any surface.

The wingspan of DH-MAPPER is 2120mm and is installed with our best autopilot Indigenous which can realize flight automatically according to the route set on the GCS.

Flight time can reach 55 minutes with the 2x5000MAH 4S battery.

This UAV is elaborately designed by our research laboratory for the professional customer in aerial survey field with optimal design analysis and flight test.

It makes possible to monitor the Riverbank, Disaster affected areas, Crop head lines, Roads and Railway tracks etc…

We selected the best miniature sensors, carefully characterized them, designed the electronic circuit boards to accommodate them and programmed the microcontroller ourselves in order to obtain the smallest and smartest autopilot of its Classes. Our R&D team is bringing together top-notch robotics, who are by essence multidisciplinary. All of our engineers completed a MS or PhD thesis in autonomous robotics or artificial intelligence. They develop, and constantly improve, intelligent and adaptive algorithms that are tailored to our flying platforms in order to get the most out of them. Although you can always take manual control of our UAV, you don’t need to do so as they are truly autonomous systems, capable of controlling their flight throughout the mission even in case of communication loss.

DH-MAPPER is suitable for:

Territory Survey

Defence & Police Services

Geological Survey

Urban Planning

Environmental Engineering

Architecture and Archaeology


Forestry Management & Research

Aerial Terrain Mapping (Industrial Site)

Disaster Site Monitoring & Mapping and many more applications


  • WingSpan – 2120mm
  • Fuselage Length – 990mm

  • Material – EPO

  • Auto Pilot – Advanced 32 bit ARM Cortex® M4 Processor running NuttX RTOS

  • Sensors – AirSpeed Sensor, Battery Current Sensor

  • GPS with Compass – HMC5883L Digital Compass

  • Telementry (Data Link) – 5KM

  • Lipo Battery & Charger – 2x5000MAh, 4s Battery, Battery Charger

  • Remote Control – GCS (Rugged PC)