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DH-HM is a next-generation UAV which can fly up to 4hours and lift payloads up to 4Kg. The secret behind this DH-HM long flight duration is a mixture of Li-Po batteries and an in-built 2000w generator which sustains the UAV. This is called a hybrid drone because the generator is fueled by gasoline. This multicopter is more like a mini helicopter.


  • Rotor Configuration                        – X6

  • Power System                                   – Hybrid Gasoline and Electric

  • Empty Weight                                   – 11 kg

  • Max Take-off Weight                      – 20 kg

  • Endurance                                          – 4+ hrs

  • Maximum Speed                              – 72 km/h

  • Telemetry Range                              – 20 km

  • Failure Features                                               – Return to home location on communication failure and land on low battery