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Hybrid Helicopter UAV

DH-HELI The gasoline powered Heli UAV is capable of flying 4+ hours. The capability is due to presence of an inbuilt 2000 W generator which sustains the UAV. This is also called hybrid drone because the generator is fueled by gasoline and the battery provides redundancy for landing back home in case of emergency. This UAV can be used for crowd management, surveillance and disaster management purposes.

DH-HELI Specifications

  • Total length without blades : 1.73m
  • Height : 0.7m
  • Landing gear width : 0.5m
  • Main rotor disc diameter : 2.14m
  • Tail rotor disc diameter : 0.403m
  • Engine : Twin cylinder, Air cooled
  • Fuel : Gasoline/oil mix
  • Fuel capacity : 3.78 litres
  • Endurance : 50 minutes with 5 minutes reserve
  • Drive train : Sealed wet gearbox
  • Payload capacity : 13.60 kg, max, at sea level

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Team Dhaksha have the best Technology ever to fight out the needs of Army and Navy in future.

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) Bangalore

Very satisfied with the report generated for the E- Governance in the State of Andhra Pradesh and would like to continue the service in future with us.

Andhra Pradesh State Fibre Net Limited (APSFL)

They Appreciated us for the work we did for AG audit and formed a meeting to give more knowledge about Aerial surveying for other states of India.

Office of the Accountant GeneralTamil Nadu

Continued service and warranty being extended which, no other organisation would do.

Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityCoimbatore

We are the ones who are recommending your Drones to various other Police departments all over India. For the continued up gradation & service rendered.

Kerala Police Department

Fresh water lakes Mapping report was well appreciated by their Director and would like to continue the services with us with other applications also.

Kerala State Remote Sensing and Environment Centre - KSREC
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