Australian Medical Express Challenge 2018

Australian Medical Express Challenge 2018

Australian Medical Express Challenge 2018, Joe’s Outback Rescue: Won Second Place completing with 11 teams from around the globe.

The Australian Medical Express challenge, is conducted around the spring season in Australia. The Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Ministry of Science and Technology of Australia and other bigger Aerospace companies combine to sponsor the Australian Medical Express Challenge every year from 2007. The Challenge this year was named “ UAV Challenge Outback rescue”.

The Mission starts as, far in the remote fields of Dalby, Queensland, Australia , Joe is sick and needs medical attention, he calls for medical services and was advised to send his blood sample for testing. Being remote area, to help Joe a UAV is sent to collect the blood sample from Joe for testing. The UAV has to collect the blood sample from Joe and return back safely. The mission involved other conditions for maintaining altitude, attitude, landing etc.

The competition had three stages with 3 deliverables. Team Dhaksha succeeded among the 155 teams participated and made it to the last stage as one of the 11 teams in September 2018, in Dalby, Queensland, Australia. The last 11 teams were from China, Thailand, Australia and Team Dhaksha was the only team representing India.

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